Friday, 25 September 2009


It feels like a long time since I last updated. We've had a few very long driving days. The first was the road between Nairobi and Arusha - not one part of it was sealed so it made for a very bumpy ride in the truck. In Arusha we stayed at a snake park and we are all very aware of the huge, dangerous snakes that are around! After one night in Arusha we went in to Ngorongora Crater. A truely spectacular drive, and very windey both going down into the crater and back out(lucky I'm used to the GY road). We took jeeps into the crater as the truck was too big, it meant we could get much closer to the animals. We so a nice herd of ele's both a big bull one and some Mommas and babies - the big bull one trumpeted at us and our driver got out of their fast. We also so many types of birds, lions, hippo's, a rhino, plenty of elk and a cheetah. It was a great couple of days made even better by the lovely sealed road between the crater and Arusha(thank you Japanese government).

Our next big drive took us from Arusha to Dar e Salaam(a mega 15 hour drive), we even had lunch on the truck. Very entertaining to at lunch to have cheese, veges, fruits and knifes flying around as we went over each bump. When we got to Dar we got stuck in traffic for a good three hours as it there was a big celebration for Eid. Hundreds of people all lining the streets, so we all were hanging out the windows saying hello and trying to communicate with the locals. Our campsite was right beside the beach party so made for quite a restless night.

Then we have traveled by ferry to Zanzibar a beautiful island of the coast of Tanzania. The first night we stayed in Stone Town and were able to watch an awesome sunset go down from the balcony of Africa House - a upmarket hotel right on the beach. Stone Town was very cultural and much friendlier than I thought it would be. We went to a night market by the beach and were able to sample many types of fish and meat and the banana and chocolate pancakes was delicious.

For the past two nights and for tonight we are at a beach hotel up the North of Zanzibar - very much beach holiday mood. Most of us have just being lazing on the beach most of the times with occasional visits to the three restaurants close to us. The sunsets are amazing and the stars are bright at night showing that we really are in a beautiful spot. Today Christian, Ann, Heidi and Ann went out on a little boat for some fishing. We caught 13 all together and some of them were very ugly with big teeth, we were also lucky enough to see two dolphins. After we arrived back we bartered with one of the chefs too cook us some fish. So we had 13 fish cooked and some chips and salad all for 27 000 shillings. Not bad when divided between five of us works out just over $5 per person.

Tonight we may go on a sunset cruise, and as I have being battling some kind of weird flu thing I should go rest - it most likely is not malaria but no one knows quite what it is.

Tomorrow we head back to Stone Town for one night and then the next day back to Dar. From there we travel to Lake Malawi for a few days. Hope everyone is well. Take care.


  1. Sounds like a great trip, sorry you have some flu bug, take care and try and rest and drink plenty of water. be careful what you eat. enjoy rest of stay. all good here but not as exciting as what you doing. Love Mum

  2. Hi guys,

    It's making me sad reading your blog, wishing I was back there again with you guys. I remember the chocolate and banana pancakes, very yummy. It's good being reminded of my trip though, I think it was starting to fade a little. Hope you guys have an amazing time like we did.