Saturday, 12 September 2009

I Love Uganda!

Here I sit in Nairobi with about two hours to go until we get on the truck and head to Lake Naivasha for a night in before heading to the Masai. The trip from Jinja was pretty sweet although there had been riots for a few days before in Kampala. We had to drive through Kampala to get to the airport and there was plenty of burnt tire marks, burnt vehicles and lots of armed police and army forces. It was a little bit nerve wracking to watch the driver scanning the area all the time, but since he had a car full of Mzungas we were easily waved through road blocks. The reason for the riots was to do with one King trying to reach parts of his Kingdom which is within a nother Kings region! Made for an interesting ride to the airport, and we had considered staying in Jinja for a bit longer, which would have being no hardship.

So just some highlights of my time in Jinja, am already making plans to go back for some volunteering. The people of Uganda are hugely friendly and welcoming and the surrounding area is all green and lush.

Every morning I woke in the chalet with monkeys jumping on the roof, calling out and the sounds of birds and the rushing sound of the Nile - awesome! In the evenings there is nothing like sitting in the bar with a beer or purple Fanta and watching the orange and purples of the sun going down over the river.

One day we went and visited a baby home. Which had 10 children aged from 5 months to 3.5 years(all with very sad backgrounds) which is run by a 20 year old Ugandan, Demali, who herself was bought up in an orphanage. She has made a great home for the little ones and they all are well cared for and loved. For most of the time I had baby Stephen(5 months), his twin brother and his mother died not long after child birth and when Demali got him he was severely malnourished but with her care he is now a chubby baby with plenty of smiles and doing everything that a five month old else where in the world would be doing. He was so sweet and I hope to go and volunteer for a month or so next month.

On the last day we got to go in the Nile River Jetboat, which is the first jet boat in East Africa. It was driven by a Kiwi who had being in Africa for a few years. Very amazing to be skimming over the Nile and the rapids and jumping and doing Hamilton spins - well actually it was pretty scary but I survived.

So that gives you a little taste of what I've being doing, have to go and have breakfast and get ready. Will try to get on a computer after a the Masai. I'm having so much fun and really appreciating the people and the continent of Africa so far.


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your stay and getting plenty of insight into Africa. You could have jetboated the Dart save travelling all that way. No monkeys here though only the pesky possums. Keep enjoying your trip and keep safe. We are looking forward to your nxt installment. Love Mum and Dad

  2. Sounds like you are having a blast! You are going to have to plan a trip to africa for me too. I am so glad you are having such a good time. thanks for letting me live vicariouly through you :D keep having fun for us. stay safe