Thursday, 17 September 2009


Have now being in Kenya for five days(I think) the days seem to go fast and blur together. We have a double Kumuka group so 26 people in total plus two tour leaders and two drivers. We've not yet being on the truck as we needed to take four wheel drive ones into the Masai.

On the truck that went into the Masai with me there wass Bonnie, Bianca(Aussie), Brendan(Kiwi), Shannon(Canadian), Gavin and Amelia(Aussie), Heidi and Anette(Aussie), Brooke and Scott(Aussie) and Chris(Canadian) - a very good mix of young and mature passengers. We had a great time in the Masai - it is much hotter than when I was here last but ok when the wind is blowing through the sides of the truck. We pass the time playing card games, charades, 20 questions and waving at the locals. Kenya is experiencing a drought at the moment so everywhere is very dry and a lot of the animals are looking very unhealthy. The Masai passed with out event, although I do very much appreciate that I'm in a wonderful place that not many people can visit. We saw lions, plenty of zebras and antelope and a few herds of giraffes. The Masai village was very good as well - the mud huts that they make last for 10 years which is amazing!

Today a group of us went and visited the the elephant orphanage. At the moment there are 28 ele's ranging in age from 11 days to 2 years. They are very cute and entertaining and act just like human children. We then went to the giraffe center and got to feed the giraffes which was great. Both the giraffes and elephants I did last year but it was still awesome to visit them again.

Next we went to the mall for some money and lunch. When we went to come back we decided to catch a Matautau(mini van taxi), the group of us crossed the road and became surrounded by the drivers who were all wanting us to get in their taxi. Then apparently because I'm a good barterer everyone was looking at me to get the prize. So I said to one driver 200 shillings for all and he said ok and we all piled in. Brendan and me in the front, so we get going and realise that we don't 100% know where we;re going but he says he knows, the he says he doesn't, so we were calling to the back and asking if they knew but they couldn't hear as they were watching the TV in the back! After a fair bit of shouting we got to out camp road and the they upped the prize to 300 shillings which was ok cos in the end it's not alot. But it was all very funny with the van that was very 'pimped' up.

So tomorrow we get into our new truck with new people from the group and head to Tanzinia. Right now though I'm going to go and play a game of darts and have a cold drink because it is very hot. Hope you all are well.

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  1. You got to see you Giraffe! YAY! sounds like an adventure so far...and do I need to get you a GPS? :P Have fun...and kick ass at darts too!