Thursday, 5 November 2009

South Africa

The last week of our tour was spent driving down through South Africa. I much prefer Eastern Africa, the further down South we've come the more African culture we've lost, but fun all the same to see new things.

We stayed a night at Orange River which was very beautiful and quiet, although maybe not after the night in the bar. Some of our group chose to go canoeing but I chose to spend the morning relaxing and having coffee.

We then headed to Springbok the next day for some shopping. A bit scary because in the hour we were there someone saw two people get pushed in front of a car.

The next big day we had was driving from Gekko camp to Stellenbosch, it was Mel's 21st so we chose to decorate the truck with balloons and two ply toilet paper. Amelia decorated a cake and it was a fun lifely journey.

In Stellenbosch we participated in a wine tour. Why they let a 24 overlanders who have being bumping around in tents and trucks for seven weeks do this I don't know. We did try to behave ourselves, in fact, I think we did a fairly good job. The landscape around the area was amazing and the weather beautiful, most of the rest of the passengers would have liked to stay for longer.

After a dinner out and one final night together at the Stumble Inn we headed to Cape Town the on Saturday. Aric got dressed up as P Dog, Tiff a cheese and Ailie a cat - very very funny and just the way Halloween should be. It was a somewhat somber ride back as it was not going to be long before the good byes started.

Arriving in Cape Town Bonnie, Lauren, Ant and I were checked into a Mansion - well maybe not a mansion but a beautiful house that we settled right into. Most of our truck passengers went out to dinner at a German pub - last night of Octoberfest and all!!

On Sunday it was the start of the Goodbyes and very sad it was too - amazing how in such a short time you can make so many wonderful friends who will last a lifetime.........

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