Sunday, 11 October 2009

Zambia and Zimbabwe

Time is flying by here in Africa even though I've well and truely settled into the relaxing ways of the people who live here.

Since leaving Malawi we had three long driving days of 10 hours where most of us just slept or spent time staring out the windows. It's getting hotter as we head down south so makes for difficult times playing cards with the windows open on the truck.

We arrived in Livingstone, Zambia on Tuesday at a camp site that is owned by a Grubby(a Kiwi who has being over here for 15 years and originally was from Mosgiel). His campsite was one of the most relaxing that we stayed at - the bar was just done on a honesty system which means we just wrote down what we had drunken. It's really hard to keep the liquids up with it being so hot and it means that eating is hard as well.

The first day in Zambia I decided to go rafting on the Zambezi - I took the easy option of the safety raft although in hind sight we got the roughest ride. We started out at 8am and had breakfast and then were driven to the National Park and walked down the gorge to the river. In the background we could hear the sound of Victoria Falls. In the safety raft was Bianca, Sarah(tour leader) and a local guide. I fell out on rapid no. 3 and was so terrified I wanted to hop off. Then on no.8 I also fell out which was just after we saw a crocodile in the water. Next falling out was on rapid no. 15, Mel and I were at the front of the raft and we both shot out - it's a grade 5 so there is no control over anything. I got picked up by a canoeist who took me to one the the other rafts where a Brooke had being hit by her paddle and had blood pouring down her face. So after a bit of first aid we headed on down the river. Brooke got into the safety boat with me and we tipped before we'd even entered the rapid. So we both went down river again and were picked up by one of out group rafts. I think this is where I broke my toe as I can remember that I'd tucked my toe under a paddle in the safety raft and it must have got caught and snapped then. Not a lot anyone can do for it though but makes for a good story. Out of everyone in the that went from out whole trip the people who had spent any time in the safety raft were the ones that were bruised and banged. After leaving the water we got a cable car out of the gorge and had lunch and then on the hour and a half ride back to Grubbys we had a few well deserved beers.

The next day some of our group went on a lion walk. It was really neat to be close to five 18 month old lions. They are really lazy animals and were not really interested in walking with us. After an hour with them we got to spend some time with some even lazier cheetahs - an amazing experience just to pat them and be so close to such beautiful animals.

That night the majority of our group went on a sunset cruise on the river. The main aim for most of the people(but not me) was to drink the bar out as that way we would have got the cruise free. Needless to say it made for many messy people who were lucky not to fall off the boat. It was all in good fun though and the sunset over the river was amazing.

We also got to do some local drumming with out group. Even me who had no rhythm could join in and we all had a great time.

Yesterday we arrived in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It's a lovely quiet little down and it's very nice relaxing. Right now I'm at Shoestrings which is owned by an Aussie and the mood here is awesome, there are people playing guitar in the background, the pool is cool and it looks like the avo will be spent chilling here.

Tomorrow we split up which is going to be hard for many. Sarah our Aussie tour leader has already left and tomorrow we split from Jack and have a new leader called Gift. It all looks good for going down south and I do very much like Africa. Take care.


  1. what happened to the Leigh who screamed at baby rabbits, mice and spiders, not to mention thunder and lightening.
    Keep leg up if posssible keep it cold and maybe tape to next toe to act as splint. You really should have taken me as your nurse!!!!!!

  2. Well hello, and aren't you having fun. Keep the stories coming, I'll tell the kids that Leigh has been floating down a river with the crocodiles. They'll be very impressed.

  3. You're making me miss Africa so much, whenever I read a new entry I just want to go back again!! Toni